Inner Soul Organics Scandinavian Deep Moisture Organic Hand & Body Salve

Remember that time I won a hamper full of Inner Soul Organics products? That was a happy day… 🙂

I’ve been dipping my toes (fingers, face, body, hair, etc) into the brand since then and you’ll be hearing more about them in the coming weeks. First up, a bit about Inner Soul Organics and then we’ll dive right into the Hand & Body Salve, which is a new fixture on my desk.

Inner Soul Organics, available at Love Lula, was created by Clinical Aromatherapist and skin specialist Emma Coleman. As an expert in the skin, chronic acne, scarring, enlarged pores, rosacea, hormonal skin, hyperpigmentation, oiliness and combination types, with a clinical treatment programme that offers facial and aromatherapy massage, blending, nutritional advice and bespoke skincare, I can’t think of many people better placed to create a skincare range. Emma’s experience comes through in her gorgeous products and, in addition to some tried and trusted favourites, there are some really interesting additions in her blends.

Her brand also support two registered charities – the Katie Piper Foundation and the Burgess Autistic Trust. Good for your skin and the wider world.

So what of the Hand & Body Salve? Well first off – and apologies for this – it turns out you can’t yet buy it on Love Lula. I can only assume it’ll be released in due course, so Emma consider this a plea to make it available! Secondly, it’s a lovely rich cream, with a buttery consistency that blends well and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. I’ve mostly used it on my hands and forearms at intervals throughout my working day (hence it’s place in my small but potent desk kit). It contains juniper berries – a well known diuretic and astringent, often used in aromatherapy blends to relieve tired, aching muscles or swollen legs – and pine, both of which have a lovely fresh, sharp, camphoraceous scent. In addition, you’ve got arctic oat and I assume the arctic kind work just as well as the regular kind when it comes to skin calming and soothing.

Mostly I love the fresh, uplifting scent as it’s perfect for a mental boost when I’m flagging (or drowning in emails). It’s a nice counter to the usual sweet, florals you get with hand creams.

blog__10A quick note to finish on: At midnight tonight, Organic September is officially over and I’ll be doing a draw for the winner of my Radiance Organic Skincare giveaway (not AT midnight, tomorrow morning…). So if you haven’t entered yet, you’ve got about 14 hours! Hop on over here to find out more.

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