Hello and thanks for clicking here, even if you only did it by accident!

When you are trying to make (at least some of) your living by writing, it helps to put that writing out there into the wider world, so that people can read it, like it, hate it, comment and/or give feedback – all the things that make you a better writer.


If you’ve read something you like on the site and would like me to write a piece for your site, organisation or publication, I’d be happy to accept commissions. You can get in touch via the email address: naturalbeautycabinet at

However, please do remember that posting my writing online via this site doesn’t automatically make it anyone else’s property.


Everything that is written on Natural Beauty Cabinet is copyright of Natural Beauty Cabinet and if you want to reuse it or quote at length from it, you will need to get my permission. Which you can do by emailing me at naturalbeautycabinet at If you reuse the content without my prior consent, you are breaking the law and I will have to follow up on that.

If you want to link to the site that’s a different matter and is, of course, absolutely fine.


Most of the images used on Natural Beauty Cabinet are my own and are copyrighted to this site. If you want to reuse the image to link back to my site, I’m happy for you to do this. But if you just want to use the picture, you’ll need to contact me to get permission first – just get in touch at naturalbeautycabinet at

Finally, thanks so much for reading. I am, and continue to be, extremely grateful for my readers. Without them, it’s difficult to think of yourself as a writer…


Although I buy most of the products that I review here, I do accept samples from brands that fit with my ethos – these samples will always be clearly indicated in my write up. All of the opinions in my reviews are my own and will be based on my personal experience.


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