Hello! My name is Faye Cheeseman and I’m a freelance editor and writer by trade. I’m also an accredited aromatherapist and therapeutic masseuse.


Outside of work, I love being outdoors tramping around somewhere green. And I love being indoors curled up with a book or wallowing in a glorious fug of pampering goodness in my bathroom.

I’ve struggled with seborrheic dermatitis for years and it’s the root of my interest in natural skincare solutions. Over time I’ve learned that my skin is my body’s barometer. Everything I do, everything I eat, drink, the amount of quality sleep I get, my emotions: it all manifests itself in the health of my skin. The choices I made had obvious consequences. So it began to seem increasingly clear that I should make the right choices. And they usually ended up being more natural.

I’ve experimented with lots of products, foods, supplements and techniques for relaxation. I’ve made some costly mistakes; both my wallet and my skin have suffered at some point. But I’ve also learned a lot and found some hero products and solutions that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.

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