What’s in your Natural Beauty Cabinet? – Rach of All Natural Aspirations

Another peek inside the cabinets of a ‘green beauty’ for you today. This time it’s Rach from All Natural Aspirations who’s in the hotseat. I’ve followed Rach’s blog for a while and I love her warm, friendly style. Rach offers up both videos and traditional posts, plus a really great range of products that will almost certainly introduce you to something you haven’t come across before.

So Rach, over to you…

1. What does ‘naturally beautiful’ mean to you?

I think ‘naturally beautiful’ means letting the ‘real’ you shine through; your personality and your quirks need to be out there so that the right people love you for the right reasons. Yes, it’s nice to use make up to enhance your beauty now and then but your wonderful personality should do the real talking… and it will!

2. What’s in your natural beauty cabinet?

My natural beauty cabinet is ever changing but main staples are natural, cold pressed oils and a good beauty balm like Lyonsleaf or One Love Organics. Of course I always need my honey for cleansing and bananas for face masks!

3. Who are your natural beauty inspirations?

My natural beauty inspirations are all the wonderful bloggers I follow, especially the awesome Kassie of Cloudy Apples. Also, my daughter Maddie inspires me to be confident and content in the hopes that she will be too.

4. Can you provide an image of something (or someone!) that you think is naturally beautiful?

My picture of someone/something naturally beautiful is of my daughter, Maddie. I try not to share too many pictures of her face, unless in profile so here is one I took on a walk to school one morning.


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