My Cornish Face – Trevarno and B Skincare

For the last few weeks, my face has been almost entirely Cornish. I trialled a really lovely combo for much of July and August and was left feeling smooth, calm and collected, despite the unsettled weather.

First up, my post-moisturiser (serum / oil) layer, courtesy of the Trevarno Revitalising Facial Oil. Even in the height of summer, it’s unusual for me not to add an extra hydrator pre-moisturiser. I’m such a believer in the power of facial oils, whether it’s for brightening, softening, calming or anti-ageing, that I feel a bit naked without one.

This particular oil smells light, fresh and floral but the vanilla adds a comforting sweet note. I suspect this blend would transition brilliantly into the autumn, while the rose kept it summer friendly. It’s a brilliant budget oil and while it might not boast the transformative effects of Bodhi and Birch’s facial oils or Balmology’s Exotic Rose Beauty Oil, it kept my skin feeling soft and even-toned, thanks to its blend of jojoba and wheatgerm oils.

Products_March_43A note on Trevarno (quoted directly from their website), because they’re a brand I’m confident I’ll be returning to in the future:

“Established in 1998, Organic Trevarno’s range of natural and certified organic products are all created and carefully made by hand at Trevarno Farm in South Cornwall. Created from plants, flowers, fruits and herbs, all sourced for their therapeutic as well as cosmetic benefits, Organic Trevarno’s healthy skincare range contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients – just skin loving and beauty boosting nutrients. By choosing organic, the skin is absorbing only natural ingredients, so by using Organic Trevarno you are supporting a more ecological way of life whilst caring for your skin.”

Once I added the oil, I layered on a light-weight, summer appropriate moisturiser. In this case, the B Skincare Honey and Calendula Moisturiser. Now, a word of warning – this particular moisturiser isn’t available on the website. I bought mine from the shop at Tresco Botanical Gardens in the Scilly Isles last year and it contains honey from the Tresco hives. But I’m pretty confident that I’d like any of the other moisturisers in the range.

The texture is unusual and I can’t really think of an equivalent product elsewhere. It’s somewhere between lotion and gel, with an almost ‘whipped’ feel to it. I really love it – it was perfect for warmer weather. It absorbed quickly and felt really moisturising without a greasy or heavy feel. It’s also a perfect base for make-up.

Products_4Honey is a really topical ingredient at the moment and it’s a powerhouse of hydrating, antimicrobial action, making it perfect for all skin types. I’ve got my eye on the Rose and Honey Moisturiser and the Lavender and Honey Moisturiser for the future.

A few notes from B Skincare’s site – all the more reason to love them and their purse-friendly range:

“Our creams are inspired by old country recipes that have been handed down over the years. We do not buy in any bases but start from scratch using ingredients such as beeswax, essential oils, infused oils, honey and flower waters… The creams are handmade each week, so you will not get something that has been sitting on a shelf for ages. Handmade means a real person measures, pours, lids and labels the creams… We would never test our products on animals and work to the standard that all our raw materials have a fixed animal testing cut off date of 1996. The creams are suitable for vegetarians but not vegans as they contain honey and beeswax… We comply fully with EU regulations, which, means that all our recipes are safety assessed & certified by a qualified pharmacist. We are proud to be members of the Made in Cornwall scheme, run by Cornwall County Council Trading Standards department to provide support to genuinely Cornish craft based businesses.”

Trevarno Revitalising Facial Oil

Ingredients: Organically Produced* Simmondsia Chinensis Rosa Damascena*, (Jojoba Oil infused with Rose Buds), Simmondsia Chinensis Vanilla Planifolia*, (Jojoba Oil infused with Vanilla), Triticum Vulgare* (Wheatgerm Oil)

B Skincare Honey and Calendula Moisturiser

Ingredients: Aqua, helianthus annuus seed oil, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, prunus dulcis, simmondsia chinensis, pelargonium graveolens, cananga odorata, daucus carota sativa, calendula officinalis, rosa centifolia, phenoxyethanol, ethyhexlglycerin

4 thoughts on “My Cornish Face – Trevarno and B Skincare

  1. Oh, lovely review. I’ve had my eye on Trevarno for a while, particularly their eye cream which looks like it might fix my upper eyelid dry patch. Great to see you’ve been enjoying the range. The brand story is enchanting. X

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