Radiance Organic Skincare and an Organic Beauty Week giveaway

Back at the LNLO show in July, I was fortunate enough to meet Letitia Seglah and to be introduced to her wonderful new range of products – Radiance Organic Skincare. Letitia’s family owned a farm in Ghana that grew coconuts, cacao and also boasted a massive shea tree and she grew up learning all about the skin-nurturing properties of these natural emolients. She’s also a great believer in the transformative properties of argan oil.

Fast forward a few years and the results of Letitia’s passion and knowledge are all wrapped up in the products in her new skincare range. Her products are ECOCERT approved and she’s currently working to get accreditation from the Soil Association. Choosing to start with argan oil, Letitia’s range is currently small but packs quite a punch, both in terms of aroma and effects. As well as 100% organic argan oil, you can also buy argan oils scented with essential oils in the following blends: Mandarin and Ylang ylang, Cinnamon and Grapefruit, Eucalyptus and Peppermint and Lavender and Orange Blossom. It’s excellent quality argan oil too. As Letitia said to the Natural Beauty Yearbook back in July:

Our oil is sourced and hand-picked by the local Berber women and has a mild pleasant aromatic scent which is consistent with good quality argan oil. We only source from cooperatives set up to aid the economic progress of the rural Berber.

At LNLO, I bought some of the argan oil and a small tub of the wonderful shea butter blend, which isn’t currently available to buy on the website but I hope will be soon. Since then, I was lucky enough to receive samples of the blended argan oils. Letitia has also very kindly agreed to run a giveaway for Natural Beauty Cabinet readers (keep reading – or skip! – to the end for details on how to enter).

So who better to write about on the first day of Organic Beauty Week?

blog__26Shea butter with almond oil, and cinnamon and ylang ylang essential oils: This little tub was one of my favourite finds at LNLO and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that it’ll eventually be available to buy online. The cream inside is rich and nourishing but sinks in surprisingly quickly and leaves my skin feeling intensely hydrated. I mostly use it on dry patches on my body but have also used it on my face on a number of occasions when I was feeling a bit blasted by the elements (post-sun while on holiday in Devon and after a particularly windy, rainy walk a few weeks back). It’s not too rich for the face and used in the evening doubles up as a moisturising overnight treatment. Love it.

blog__33100% Organic Argan Oil: I have dabbled in argan oil in the past but I’ve never written it up before. As I already had a face oil on the go, I used this little bottle for intensive hair treatments, massaging it into my roots and the lengths of my hair. Now that I work from home, hair masks are a lot easier to do because I really hate sleeping in them (urgh to oily pillows or attempting to sleep with my hair wrapped in a towel). Now I can lather my scalp in the stuff first thing in the morning, leave it throughout my working day and shampoo it out in the evening. (Apologies to the postman, who’s usually the only one who has to witness me in that state…) After a couple of shampoos and a bit of conditioner, I’m left with really soft hair with a little more volume than normal and (oddly) a lot less irritating static (anyone else experienced this?).

Scented argan oils:* These little bottles of olfactory joy have been pepping me up for the last few weeks. The Eucalyptus and Peppermint blend is a tingly whopper of a fragrance and I tend to blend a drop or two into the backs of my hands and inhale deeply when I need a boost at my desk. Clears my mind and moisturises my hands at the same time. The Cinnamom and Grapefruit is probably my least favourite but then I’ve never been a lover of the sour tang grapefruit gives off in a blend. Smell is entirely subjective though and this spicy citrus might be just your thing. The Lavender and Orange Blossom is one of my favourites and a few drops spread between my palms and pressed onto my face is the perfect way to relax before bed. Finally, the Mandarin and Ylang Ylang has that happy, zesty vibe that all orangey smells give off, and would be the ideal facial treatment for the morning.

And if I’ve whetted your appetite, this is the really exciting bit. Follow the instructions to enter the giveaway below and Radiance Organic Skincare will send you a 50ml bottle of their 100% Organic Argan Oil plus sample bottles of all four of the scented argan oils.  How brilliant is that?

TO ENTER (Option 1):

1. Follow @natbeautcabinet and @RadianceOrganic on twitter

2. Leave a comment below this post with your twitter tag

TO ENTER (Option 2 – if you’re not on twitter):

1. Follow Natural Beauty Cabinet on email

2. Leave a comment below this post with the text ‘I follow on email!’

And that’s it. These really are amazing products so good luck and I’ll be announcing the randomly-selected winner at the end of Organic September.

*PR sample – all opinions are my own

29 thoughts on “Radiance Organic Skincare and an Organic Beauty Week giveaway

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  2. I follow you both via Twitter as MsTofuFairy. Thanks so much for the chance to win! BTW, will you email the winner? I know you said you would announce it on here but wasn’t sure if you also email. I am new to your blog. 😀 Thanks!

      • Fantastic! One more question and then I will leave you alone! LOL Is this giveaway good in the USA? I noticed someone mentioning England and worry that I have stumbled onto and non-international giveaway. Thanks!

      • Oh my gosh, I’m such an idiot – I totally forgot to specify. Given that some of the people who’ve already entered might be from outside the UK, I’ll make it an international giveaway! Thanks for asking the question… 😉

  3. hope i am not repeating my comment as the first one failed to appear here! it is wonderful to find products created by nature for our benefit and delight; brilliant. i follow you on email.

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  5. I’ve tried Argan Oil and honestly it’s the best thing that could happen to my hair and yes, I did notice too,not as much frizz anymore.I haven’t tried it on my face yet but I’m sure it will be just as good.I would love to win and try all that goodness. Must admit I did not heard about the brand but will be sure to check them out. Thanks for suggestionss Liz,x
    I follow by email 🙂

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