July – news and product launches

No favourites post for July, I’m afraid. I’m actually considering not doing them anymore – am I the only one too disorganised for favourites?? I forget to note down what I’ve been using, get hugely excited about some things before I’ve had a good chance to see if they really work and then get distracted by the latest shiny thing so I forget to go back to something I’ve flagged up and end up waving a tantalising ‘oh my gosh oh my gosh’ glimpse in your faces and then not mentioning it again for weeks.

This isn’t good enough. Now that I’m working freelance (yay! yikes!) my goal is to have a more consistent, organised blog. More reliable posting, a bit of follow through. So for now, no favourites.

My news posts on the other hand, they’re sticking around. And I have much to report on for July.

  • If you’re still planning a holiday and looking to travel light (or you just love stocking up on minis), Green People now do 100ml travel sizes of some of their holiday essentials, including the Toning Hydrating Mist, Sun & Sports Shampoo & Conditioner and their suncare range. You can also save £7 on the travel-sized summer pack.
  • Also offering travel packs across all four of their skincare ranges are best friend to the sensitive of face – Pai. Not just a super idea for travelling but a great way to try out the brand if you’re on a budget.
  • Budget friendly Skin Blossom know that the way to a girl’s heart is a packaging revamp. Gone is the old rather basic look in favour of a very sleek (Gielly Green-esque?) olive green. They’ve also introduced two newbies – the Facial Toner, with witch hazel, aloe vera and glycerin, and the wonderful-sounding Therapeutic Bath Soak with lavender, rosemary and ylang ylang.
  • Pricey but consistently raved-about Heal Gel have introduced Heal Gel body, to soothe. nourish and revitalise distressed skin. Perfect if you’ve caught the sun a bit.
  • REN Skincare have introduced their new Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial. If this really transforms the skin in a minute, they’ll be queuing round the block. I have to admit, this is the one I most want to try. Who doesn’t love a timesaver?
  • Origins have launched Drink Up Sugars lip balms, their new hydrating lip balms. I’m a little on the fence about this one. A bit of moisture and a hint of tint are laudable but I’m uncertain about the idea of a sugary shimmer. Makes me think of the sticky goo we used to wear as teenagers. Or the sugary crust you get on your lips after eating a doughnut. Oh wait, hang on…

Fotor080895633sangriIn other news:

  • Congrats to Herbfarmacy for winning the Green Parent Gold Award for best day moisturiser for their Mallow Beauty Balm. I’ve been a fan of the brand for a long time and a visit to one of their Herb Farm holiday lets is firmly on my wish list.
  • Dr Hauschka have a new webshop! Enough said.
  • The Soil Association are calling for a ban on beauty preservatives methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazonlinone (and not just because no one should have to type these words off the back of product packaging). Both MI and MCI are believed to lead to skin sensitivities and allergies, with British Association of Dermatologists reporting that one in ten patients treated with eczema or dermatitis are allergic to them. The EU have again failed to implement a ban so let’s vote with our feet and avoid.
  • I discovered lots of new brands this month to feature in my ‘Spotlight on series’ and I’m now seriously onboard with the Scottish seaweed hype. I’m excited to find out more Ishga (the Gaelic word for water), which uses seaweed and sea water sourced from the Hebrides. La Sultane de Saba also caught my eye for its exotic shea butter and rose blends, after reading about it on Ana Goes Green.

Finally (and perhaps the most exciting of all), I won something! This amazing hamper from Inner Soul Organics turned up on my doorstep in July and I was like a child at Christmas who’d eaten way too much sugar. There is so much in there to try that it’ll take me ages to work through it, but rest assured I will be reporting back.


9 thoughts on “July – news and product launches

  1. What a fab news round-up of a post and a big congrats on your prize! Must say you really made me laugh about the lip balms! x

  2. Great post and thank you for the mention, I have been following the MI/MIC debate with interest what worries me is that we won’t have any viable options left, I know plenty of people who can’t tolerate Potassium sorbate either and the green community seems to be turning it’s back on Phenoxyethanol in the same way they did parabens… soo yes tricky one. I would be interested to see what SA start to use when Phenoxyethanol is finally banned Xx

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