What’s in your natural beauty cabinet? Gem Bolton of Buff Beauty

I’ve been an avid reader of Gem’s blog – Buff Beauty – since her very first post and am such a fan of her writing style and her fantastic eye for design. Her beautifully put together posts are like magazine spreads; if you haven’t read any yet, you’ve got a great back catalogue to work through.

Recently Gem’s joined forces with Elijah Choo of Bodhi & Birch and is now also Editor of gorgeous eco-luxe lifestyle magazine BodhiLuxe.

As I’m just dipping my toe in the freelance pool, people like Gem are a real inspiration to me. It was a happy day when she agreed to take part in my series and I’ve loved reading her responses. Hope you do too! [Now I’m just off to check out goat cam…]

  1. What does ‘naturally beautiful’ mean to you?

    Personally, I think natural beauty is all about that attractive glow that emanates from great health and vitality. And I’m referring to all of nature’s beauty here – from a plant to a person. It’s a glow and an essence that just grabs the eye.

    Of course it’s also in structure – a well defined cheekbone, or a prettily formed petal. That said, it doesn’t have to be without flaw. In fact, sometimes a strength of feature and beauty can be the most eye-catching of all.

    2. What’s in your natural beauty cabinet?

    First and foremost we have Chuckling Goat’s Pro-biotic Skin Food. It’s the one product I just can’t be without! It works on everything from blemishes to irritations. It’s so gentle. And really you can’t go wrong with a company that has a ‘Goat Cam’ so you can watch and admire the creatures that make it!

    I’m also hooked on Urban Tan in Dark Diva. It’s gluten and paraben free and contains a number of skin-boosting and cellulite-busting ingredients. I’m blue and transparent by nature, but it’s managed to fool a number of people into thinking otherwise!

    Bodhi & Birch’s Mint Thé Temple Balm is also a multi-tasking miracle. Everyone should have one on their desk, in their handbag, or both! As you’d expect it’s great for tired or sore heads, but it also works a treat on hot, heavy feet. I also once mistook it for my lip balm, and it proved quite the natural plumping number!

    I’m an Organic Burst devotee and will always have at least one of their superfood supplements in my ‘superfood cupboard’. Yes, I’m officially a health nut! I love how pure and potent they are and I alternate between favourites, but always return to the Wheatgrass and Baobab.

    Talking of healthy cupboards, I also have a well stocked herbal tea one and drink many a cup a day. I’m never without a green variety, and have recently fallen for Clipper’s Green Tea with Strawberry. It smells and tastes so summery, with the strawberry notes gaining strength as the cup cools.

    I love to support my body through its natural detoxing process and am a big fan of the old epsom salt bath. I buy mine from a local independent health shop, but you can also grab them in Boots. They’re so cheap!

    On occasion, I’ll mix my salts with some Neal’s Yard seaweed infused foaming bath for a super detox soak.

    And back to the beauty, I’m smitten with Zoya’s ‘5 Free’ nail polish in Austine. It’s a stunning rose gold, which looks great on fingers and toes, and always draws compliments.

    3. Who are your natural beauty inspirations?

    Oh no, great question, but I have SO many!

    I’d like to start with my good friend and colleague Elijah Choo. Elijah came from a design background and had never worked in the natural beauty industry before founding Bodhi & Birch. And look at his success!

    There’s also the delightful Katya Igumentseva, founder of the aforementioned Organic Burst. Another who has transformed her career to create an amazing international brand.

    The Duigans – both James and Christiane – are huge inspirations to me with Bodyism. I love how ‘real’ they have remained, despite the circles they are in. I also love the wellness message that they champion so well.

    Calgary Avansino and Nikki Sharp are other career heroes. And then there’s those Aussie gals, like Ellie Gonsalves, with the rock solid bods and clean eating ways. See too many inspirations, and that’s just some of them!

    4. Can you provide an image of something (or someone!) that you think is naturally beautiful?

    I was originally going to send a pic of Christy Turlington, and then I thought of my aquamarines! I love the raw beachy feel of their beauty, especially when set in gold. I collect aquamarine jewellery and recently bought a raw specimen (as pictured) to keep on my desk while I write. The aquamarine is said to be deeply calming, which is great for such a natural live-wire!


7 thoughts on “What’s in your natural beauty cabinet? Gem Bolton of Buff Beauty

  1. What a beautiful photo at the end! Those aquamarines are stunning! Loved reading this as I am also a huge fan of Gem’s blog! I love the Skin Food too 😀

  2. A huge thanks Faye for having me on your gorgeous blog – it really is an honour! And a big thanks also to Amber for the sweet words. Loving our natural blogging community! #greenandglam all the way! Xx

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