As iconic products go, Steamcream is now right up there. The huge variety of colourful, eye-catching tins available was already very familiar to me. But until recently I hadn’t tried the product for myself.

Steamcream is so called because of the manufacturing process, where the ingredients are fused together with a shot of steam for a super-lightweight texture. Moisturisers include an oatmeal infusion, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and jojoba oil and there’s a delicate lavender scent.

Perhaps the hype around the steam influenced me a bit too much but my first thought on dipping my fingers into the pot was ‘this feels kind of ordinary to me’. Now, I’m not sure what I expected. Perhaps something more moussey or whipped? Either way, it’s still just a cream albeit one with a light, lotiony texture. To give you an idea of where it is on the ‘hard to sloppy’ spectrum of body moisturisers (that I’ve just made up), I wouldn’t want to turn the tin upside down. Whereas with heavier balms you could probably turn it upside down and shake it like a maraca without making a mess.

For such a light texture, the cream is definitely moisturising. Oddly, while the cream sank in quickly on my body, it seemed to linger a bit on my face leaving a slightly oily film. I’m not usually worried by “shiny face” – although those of you who are may be lulled into a false sense of security by the light texture – but I didn’t particularly like the consistency in this case.

I had a lot more success applying it on my body but the size of the pot meant it was more of a top up for smaller areas than an all over application.  As a light, non-greasy late night option (particularly for areas prone to dryness or irritation like my arms and chest), it came into its own.

On balance though, I’m just not sure I’d buy it again – there are body moisturisers I love a whole lot more. I think if I did repurchase, it would be because I’d fallen for the hype around the tin rather than what’s inside. I loved the metal container (which makes it brilliant for putting in the fridge in summer to use on hot skin) and will no doubt keep it and fill it with assorted, as yet undetermined bric a brac. But £12.95 is a bit more than I’m prepared to pay for a colourful tin.

Products_March_15Steamcream, £12.95, available from Steamcream’s website or Feelunique.

Ingredients: annnoyingly, Steamcream don’t list the full ingredients (in the correct order) anywhere on their website. But these are the product ingredients, in the order that I was able to lift them off various bits of the site. Oatmeal infusion, lavender essential oil, orange flower water, chamomile blue essential oil, sweet almond oil, orange blossom absolute, cocoa butter, rose absolute, organic jojoba oil, neroli oil, palm-free glycerine, stearic acid, triethanolamine, cetyl stearyl alcohol, coumarin, geraniol, citronnellol, limonene, linalool, methylparaben, propylparaben.

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