St Grape sneak preview

Despite the incredible amount of water going on outside, the miserable, grey weather is making me crave bath time wallows even more than I normally do at this time of year.

Thanks to a lovely plumber who has solved the mystery of why my bathwater only runs hot for 2–3 minute bursts – interspersed by 2–3 minutes of water that is on the cool side of tepid – I’m going to be having some celebratory baths over the next week or so.

Thanks to the lovely people at St Grape, I’m going to be playing with THESE things in my bath. To quote directly from their website, St Grape want to “bring the joy and luxury of a home spa to all of our clients at prices everyone can afford. At the centre of our philosophy is the drive to provide absolutely natural skincare creations which allow clients to be at one with the true power that nature brings.” You can find out more about St Grape here, but I’ll be back soon with my reviews.

Pictured below:

Products__22LOOK at them. I can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “St Grape sneak preview

    • That’s strange. The ingredients seem fine (certainly in the products I’ve got anyway) – I can’t see anything obvious they might be be hiding or worried about making public. Funnily enough, I was thinking of you when drafting my review post the other day as I’ll be making the usual plea to reveal ingredients online. There are lots of essential oils in the blends and for people with allergies it’s so frustrating not to be able to see a full list.

      • You’ll probably notice I have the bit between my teeth over this issue of not displaying ingredients on websites, you have to put them on the box and I’m getting tired of the excuse about competitors stealing formulas, if they are that determine they will find away to get the info they want. Putting aside my “green” priorities, as you point out it’s so frustrating when you have allergies.

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