12 days of Christmas Best of 2013 – Viridian 100% Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil (best all-rounder)

Although it’s fairly ‘low-frills’ the Viridian Raw Virgin Coconut Oil makes the 2013 best of cut because there wasn’t really anything I didn’t use it for during the year. To date, I’ve put it on my:

  • face
  • body
  • hair
  • scalp (as an intensive treatment mask pre-shampooing)
  • cuticles
  • dinner

It’s the perfect multi-tasker. If I wanted to run away and live on a desert island – which I usually fantasise about while sitting in traffic jams or stuck on tube trains in tunnels – I’d pack this, a really good book and some sunscreen. That’d do it.

Because I’m a product junkie, I’ll never manage to be as much of a purist as this product would allow me to be. However, if you’re interested in cutting down on products, packaging and faff, coconut oil (plus some rosehip oil for the face) is truly the way to go. It’s jammed full of essential fatty acids to support the skin, hair and nails and is just as good for you if you eat it. Whether you’re cooking with it – fats that are solid at room temperature are the most stable for cooking as the high heat doesn’t break down the oil or leech out the goodness – or using it as an ingredient in sugar-free baking – check out I Quit Sugar’s inspirational recipes here – you can’t go wrong.

VDN503You can get Viridian Coconut Oil all over the web, including Viridian’s own website. A 500g jar – which will last you AGES – costs £14.

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