12 days of Christmas Best of 2013 – Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Hand and Nail treatment (best body/hair product)

Hand creams are non-negotiable in this world of weather and paper and keyboards and gardening and washing up and, well, living. Without them, my hands would be sad, shrivelled and cracked. However, not all hand creams are created equal and my favourite one this year has been Dr Organic’s Dead Sea Mineral Hand and Nail Treatment.

A really rich, indulgent hand cream is a treat but it’s not terribly functional for everyday use. The best – read ‘most used’ – hand creams for me are light, easily absorbed, fresh smelling and moisturising. Like this one. It sinks in quick, doesn’t leave a greasy film on my keyboard and smells a bit like a sea breeze. Lovely.

I wrote about it here, originally, as part of a multi-product post. And you can pick up one for yourself in Holland and Barrett stores nationwide or from their website. A 100ml tube will set you back £6.99, which is a bargain.


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