Seborrheic dermatitis: an introduction

For the last year or two, I’ve carried on putting all the usual goop on my face and body. Some new goop, some trusty old goop and the occasional experimental goop from my fridge. So far so same old.

But in the background, I’ve been conducting a secret war, which I’ve only alluded to once or twice. I suffer with seborrheic dermatitis. Sometimes it’s mild, sometimes it’s more severe and occasionally it can occupy my thoughts to such an extent that I’m almost obsessed. Quite honestly, for much of the period from July/August 2012 – April/May 2013 I didn’t write about it because I was thinking about it all the blinking time and writing about it felt like a step too far.

Now the dust has settled, I feel ready to write up some of the things I tried, read, agonized over and learned during that time. But I’m still no expert and continue to try new things all the time. I’d love to hear from people dealing with seborrheic dermatitis because there’s a lot more I could learn from you. Please do share your experiences in the comments.

Part 1 – coming soon – is all about what seborrheic dermatitis actually is and some recommended places for more info.

Part 2 will cover products I’ve trialled over the last few months.

Part 3 will cover the lifestyle changes that I saw making a difference, both positive and negative, along the way.

A note on terminology. From now on, I’ll be referring to it as Seb Derm. This is partly because typing seborrheic dermatitis every time will give me carpal tunnel syndrome. But it’s mostly because ‘Seb Derm’ sounds like some guy in skinny jeans and ironic specs with no lenses, which is a lot funnier than the reality.

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