My Antipodes face

My Antipodes face looks GOOOOOOD. As a beauty blogger and product junkie, I’m a flighty, adulterous kind of consumer. Even my most loved and repurchased products start to look a little less shiny when there are NEW things to be played with. I’m sure many of you will understand that frenzied state you get into when overwhelmed by choice and the nagging feeling that your dream, skin-transforming product is just one patch test away.

So it’s somewhat of a relief when something comes along that puts the brakes on a bit. And it’s really rare for me to use the same brand for nearly everything in my skincare routine. I’ve been cultivating a committed relationship with Antipodes for a few months now. I started with the Organic Grapeseed Butter Cleanser, then fell a little more deeply for the Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream. The Aura Manuka Honey Mask was like the best first date ever and recently, the Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream has been the beauty product equivalent of staying up till the small hours chatting on the phone because you’re just so compatible and no one else has ever quite got you like that.

I would let Antipodes sponsor my face. Whether they want to or not is a moot point. I would let them put anything on me.

I should probably say a bit more about the reason for all this love. Antipodes are a New Zealand brand with a wonderful, natural ethos. They source and use sustainably cultivated plant-based ingredients, they go the extra mile to avoid artificial preservatives and they ensure their packaging is fully recyclable. Then they’ve got the science bit, seeking out high-performing ingredients that have a measurable impact on the levels of collagen and elastin in the skin. They also test their products on people to ensure that they’re suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

And they smell nice. The products, not the people at Antipodes. Although if they use the products, they probably do too.

Family portrait...

Family portrait…

Grapeseed Butter Cleanser: I wrote about this here. It’s still lovely.

Vanilla Pod Day Cream: This smells beautiful, like a lemony cake. It’s a really soft cream. I’m struggling to describe the texture (reaches for thesaurus) but it’s kind of perfect in a Goldilocks way. Not too heavy, not too runny, not too sticky, not too oily. It’s just right. It leaves my skin feeling a bit plumped up and with a gleam but not a shine. Great under make-up. And probably on porridge.

Avocado Pear Night Cream: This does have an oilier, richer texture than the day cream. It will leave you shiny but you must accept this and embrace it because when you wake up the next day, you will be even-toned, velvety-soft and healthy looking. Don’t put it on immediately before hitting the pillow. Give it a good hour before bed to sink in.

Manuka Honey Mask: This is nothing special when it comes out of the tube but it’s hydrating, softening and feels soothing (possibly thanks to the action of the Manuka). I used it to help balance out the increased sun exposure when I spent a very hot and sunny week in Devon (which felt like the Med). Despite way more sun than I usually get, I managed to avoid that itchy, tight feeling that I sometimes get when I’ve been outside a lot.

Antipodes products aren’t cheap. But they are worth it. I doubt I’ll never use anything else again (old habits die hard). But if I was forced to pick just one brand for ever and ever, it would probably be Antipodes.

You can get the Antipodes range at Naturisimo and Amarya.

Antipodes smile...

Antipodes smile…

3 thoughts on “My Antipodes face

  1. OMG! I am laughing so hard from this description: “As a beauty blogger and product junkie, I’m a flighty, adulterous kind of consumer.” Boy do I get that. I see though that you may be ready for a committed relationship with Antipodes here. That speaks VOLUMES. If I were not so commitment-phobic, I’d try the brand myself 😉

    • We’ll have a committed relationship until the next shiny new thing comes along…! 😉 But any product I’ve bought more than once is usually pretty significant and I’m on my second Grapeseed Cleanser and THIRD Vanilla Day Cream now. It MUST be love! Thanks so much for reading and following. x

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