After we moved the boxes into our new place and created a vaguely functional (dis)order inside, we started looking outside at our new garden.

Luckily, it’s been reasonably well cared for but I’m no Alan Titchmarsh and my plant identification skills won’t win me any awards. Thanks to my mum-in-law, we now know which bits of the garden to dig up and which to leave.

But most exciting of all, we found these:



Well looked after strawbs, complete with anti-bird net. It’s the Elsanta variety and I’m going to be thumbing through my neglected gardening books to find out how to nuture it. But if anyone’s got any tips on growing strawberries please head to the comments and help me out. The heart is willing but the brain is sadly lacking!

And if I produce a single strawberry from this plant I PROMISE to post a picture online. Warts and all.

house_2(Not a strawberry…but pretty.)


2 thoughts on “LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!

  1. Strawberries nurture themselves Plenty of sun, enough rain and that’s it! They don’t like water on their feet, so don’t give them too much water. Raised beds are ideal.

    The other flower is a cultivar form of the original cornflower (Centaurea cyanus). I think this is the cultivar Centaurea montana.

    Happy gardening!

    • Thanks so much – for visiting and also for the advice! That’s really good to know. Sounds like the perfect fruit for me if it needs minimal interference. And I’m so pleased that the other flower is a cornflower. It’s a flower I associate with one of my best friend’s weddings so it’s a happy flower to have in the garden! F

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