(I promise not to write the rest of this post in capitals, even though I reeeeeeally want to.)

After 18 fairly gruelling months trying to sell our house and buy another (sounds simple on paper right?), we finally did it. There’s boxes everywhere, my underwear drawer is currently in the conservatory, I am constantly losing my keys in the jumble and my entire shoe collection was living in the boot of my car until yesterday evening, but I’m loving every second.

Home is now a cottagey-feeling 2-bed in Wallingford, with light streaming through the windows and red kites spiralling overhead.

I learned a lot about what’s important to me in my home during this process. I know everyone says that once you close the door, it doesn’t matter what’s outside. But it turns out I’m an outside-in kind of home-maker. Shutting the world out makes me feel a bit oppressed after a while. I need to see green and light, and ideally distance. You know that feeling you get when you’ve been staring at a screen all day and you just need to see the horizon to create a bit of space in your head? It’s like that. I’m so lucky to be in a place where all three are possible and it’s felt transformative (even while scrubbing the accumulated muck of a 1000 dog walks out of the kitchen floor on moving day).

Ages ago, The Man with the Camera sent me this.

We’d just put the old house on the market and were experiencing an emotional wobble at not knowing quite what was coming next. It’s one man’s heartfelt plea to his buyer to look beyond the bricks and mortar that’s for sale, to the big thumping heart in the walls and under the floors. I thought it was really lovely.

It sounds horribly corny (sorry about this…) but it feels like I never fully unpacked my heart and soul in our previous house. It just wasn’t that house. It was the ‘it’ll do for now’ house that just ended up sticking a bit longer than planned. THIS house feels like that house. The one that you love and look after and put down roots in. The one that you put your heart in, for the good, bad and the inbetween stuff.

Now, if I could just find my keys…


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