Take 5: Budget body lotions

I get through more body lotion than almost any other product in my bathroom – save water. Summer or winter, my skin can’t cope without it. I’ve tried some amazing premium-priced body moisturisers but over time I’ve built up a shortlist of tried and tested favourites that are all competitively priced. Otherwise, this would also be the most expensive bathroom habit of all. So here they are. And they ARE in a particular order – from my top favourite favourite(!) and most repurchased.

Dr Organic Skin Lotion (from £6.99 for 200ml)

This is a brilliant lightweight lotion that keeps even my dry skin moisturised for the full day. You can find them at Holland & Barrett where, if you’re a regular, it’s worth getting a loyalty card. I’m just about to use my first points voucher to get myself a free body lotion! If your skin is on the drier side, you’re probably better off with the Olive oil, Moroccan Argan oil or Coconut oil blends as they contain a higher quantity of the more nourishing plant oils. However, I’ve also used and liked the Lavender, Rose, Vitamin E and Dead Sea Mineral versions. I like being able to switch it up every so often. The only one I really wasn’t keen on was the Aloe Vera version, which was entirely down to the smell. I just couldn’t get on with it. But that’s just me. Dr O also do body butters. I’ve never tried them but I want to. Maybe that’s where my loyalty points will go…

You can get full ingredients lists for all varieties on the Holland & Barrett website.


Jason Hand & Body Lotion (from £6.99 for 200ml)

This is a recent addition to the list. I’ve only tried the Hemp version so far – it’s currently about half empty on my bathroom shelf, so it was a quick promotion to the favourites list! To be honest, consistency and moisturising wise, I can’t really tell it apart from the Dr Organic range. So as far as I can see, it’s just a whole new range of smells to try! The Hemp version has a pleasant citrussy smell but I’ve got my eye on a few more, including the Cocoa Butter, Rosewater, Vanilla and the Wheatgerm & Vitamin E, which was recommended by a follower.

You can get full ingredients lists on the Jason website. You can also buy through them, or through Naturisimo.


Korres Body Milk (from £10 for 200ml) (and butters, although these are a couple of pounds pricier)

I love the Korres fragrance combinations. The way something smells is SO important to me and the Korres blends are often a little different. The body milks are quite light, very easily absorbed and yet also fairly intensive. I haven’t used the body butters as much but they definitely pack a little extra punch and would be one for the winter months if your skin is drier. I’m using the Basil Lemon body milk at the moment but other fragrance favourites include Coconut Milk and Vanilla Cinnamon. Korres used to be harder to come by but now it’s available in WAITROSE, which is why it’s featured in my bathroom a lot more. Fruit – check, veg – check, washing powder – check, yet another shower gel to add to the stash…umm – check.

You can check out the ingredients list on the Korres website. And if you’re quick, Korres body washes and body milks/butter are on offer at Waitrose – 20% off.


Avalon Organics Hand & Body Lotion (from £6.99 for 200ml)

I actually found these for the first time in the happy mecca for natural beauty lovers that is Whole Foods in Kensington. I went in there with a friend and she probably bitterly regreted it about 3 1/2 hours later. I don’t use these lotions as often but I have two particular favourites that I’d go back to in the warmer months. First, the Aloe Vera version, which has a slightly less lotiony texture and ever so slightly more gel-like texture. I also LOVE the Peppermint version because the menthol causes the best tingly-cooling sensation on the skin after applying. It’s amazing in the summer, particularly if your skin’s a bit frazzled by the sun, hayfever or eczema.

You can find Avalon at Holland & Barrett and Big Green Smile. Get ingredients listings on the Avalon Organics website.


Dr Bronner’s Body Lotion (from £8.29 for 236ml)

Dr Bronner lotions are super light so these are only really an option for me in the summer, when my skin’s behaving. However, if your skin is more normal, I heartily recommend them. They’re good value, the ingredients are almost the best of the bunch and they’ve got some AMAZING smells. When they’re not intense enough for my skin, I like to use them as hand lotions. The Patchouli & Lime version would be fab on my desk at work because that smell can’t fail to cheer you up no matter what the day throws at you. Lavender & Coconut is another winner.

Find them on LoveLula (with full ingredients). Interestingly, there’s also a small selection at ASOS that might grow.



2 thoughts on “Take 5: Budget body lotions

  1. I like Dr Organic, I use the Pomegranate one. I do like it but it isn’t perfect for my dry legs but the price is good. I like Dr Bronner’s liquid soaps and want to try more from the range, lavender & coconut sound perfect for me, my favourite aromas 🙂

    • I find that sometimes my legs need something a bit hardcore too. I went back to an old favourite this winter again – Barefoot SOS Daily Rich Body Lotion. Not a very ‘budget’ option at £22 for 200ml but I usually only buy a bottle a year for targeted use!

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