If you’ve only got five minutes…check out Organic Burst

So I’m a sucker for the word ‘superfood’. And I’ve persisted in this despite repeated mocking by The Man With The Camera (or my husband for those new to the site…). I once made the mistake of trying to convince him to eat broccoli by telling him it was a superfood. Now any mention of a food being good for you is met with ‘Is it a superfood? IS it? A SUperfood? REally?’ in the kind of high-pitched voice usually reserved for those occasions when you’re trying to sound enthusiastic about a toddler’s artistic efforts.

But I still LOVE the idea of a superfood.

Partly because I am so passionate about the link between our diets and our health. But also because there are some foods that are a bit special and they deserve celebrating.

So when I stumbled across Organic Boost, providers of Soil Association-certified organic superfood supplements, I was a bit happy. I felt they fitted rather beautifully into my March detox (sick of hearing about that yet?? Oh, you wait!).

They provide a small range of carefully-selected supplements: Baobab powder to energise, Maca root powder for endurance, Wheatgrass powder for detoxing, Spirulina to nourish and Acai berry capsules, high in anti-oxidants, for anti-ageing.

I opted for Baobab and Wheatgrass, which I felt best supported what I wanted to get out of my body ‘spring-clean’.

Both powders can be mixed into water, juice or smoothies and they also suggest sprinkling the wheatgrass powder onto salads. The recommended dosage is 1-2 teaspoons per day (Baobab) and 1 teaspoon per day (wheatgrass). The baobab is rich in vitamin C (for energy and immune support), prebiotics (for a healthy digestive tract) and potassium (for a healthy nervous system). The wheatgrass is famed for its detoxifying properties, as well as being rich in Vitamin A and a potent alkaliser, helping to neutralise the effects of unhealthy acid-rich processed foods.

Crucially, they really don’t taste at all bad!

One teaspoon of baobab powder gives a normal-sized glass of water the slightest citrussy tang, with no unpleasant aftertaste. Even the wheatgrass powder – not really famed for its taste – is ok. A slight ‘green’, leafy taste that isn’t at all unpleasant.

I really like the idea of taking powders rather than just capsules. The ingredients are 100% crushed plant/fruit – you can’t get more straightforward than that. And I think I’ve noticed some effects. Coincidence or not, despite constant busyness and not quite enough sleep, I’ve kept going for the last few weeks and stayed bug free, despite coming into contact with some rather nasty colds. Which is enough to convince me to make the baobab powder a regular part of my diet. And I think I’ll come back to the wheatgrass powder a couple of times a year for an inner cleanse.

Considerably less than 5 minutes, one glass of water and a big, virtuous glug of goodness.

Organic Burst, Baobab £6.80 for 70g, Wheatgrass £5.50 for 60g.

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