Miessence Rose Geranium Exfoliating Cleansing bar

I’ve used products from Miessence before (you can find out more about their skincare range here). Today I’m looking at a slightly more purse-friendly option from their range – the exfoliating cleansing bar designed for use in the shower.

I’m not a big fan of soap. Most soaps out there are made up almost entirely of chemical detergents and artificial fragrance. One of my least favourite substances ON EARTH is that pink (why is it always pink??), antiseptic-smelling goop that you can dispense from boxes on the wall in public toilets. It smells like hospitals and it leaves your skin feeling like old leather that’s been left out to shrink-dry in the midday sun.

You can see I’m picky about soap.

Now, the Miessence exfoliating cleansing bar is essentially a soap in a bag but it’s also a lot more.

For starters, it has just two ingredients. Saponifed coconut oil (saponified means to turn a fat or oil into a soap by reacting it with an alkali). And essential oil. I’m using the Rose geranium exfoliating cleansing bar because my skin is quite dry, but if you had oily skin that is occasionally prone to breakouts, you could opt for the Tea tree ECB instead.

Secondly, the ‘bag’ is a natural sisal drawstring bag and it’s not packaging. You use the soap while it’s IN the bag so that the natural fibres act as a gentle exfoliant. It also means you can hang up the soap between uses to avoid it dissolving over time in the scummy puddle that always forms in a soap dish.

I’ve really liked using the Exfoliating cleansing bar. It’s incredibly convenient, especially for the time-poor. It’s gentle on my sensitive skin: I didn’t notice any of the ‘tightness’ or dryness often associated with using soap. Plus the rose geranium smell is pleasant and light.

One thing I should point out is that the ECBs aren’t designed for use on the face – they’re for below the neck only! While they work brilliantly as a gentle body cleanser/exfoliator they would be too abrasive and, as a result of their alkaline pH, a little too drying for the face.

Both the Rose geranium exfoliating cleansing bar and the Tea tree version cost £6.65 (for 100g) and are available from the Miessence website.

Disclosure: Rob at Miessence was kind enough to send me the product trialled for this review. However, in keeping with my own policy, I’m writing about it here because I like it and would happily recommend it to others. If I hadn’t liked it, you wouldn’t be reading about it.

2 thoughts on “Miessence Rose Geranium Exfoliating Cleansing bar

  1. Hi Faye, thank you ever so much for your fabulous review of the miessence exfoliating cleansing bar. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed using it.

    The postage charge via my website can be rather hefty for small orders so if any of your readers are interested in trying a bar (or two!) they can contact me via rob@MiNaturals.co.uk and I will be happy to sort out their order for them.

    It is possible to receive discounts of 20% or more on our products so if your readers are keen to try out any other products in the miessence range of skincare and cosmetics they can get in touch with me and I’ll tell them how.

    Many thanks

  2. This pure bar of natural kindness to your skin has been entered into the 2012 Free From Skincare Awards and the winners will be announced at the Allergy & Free From Show in Olympia, London in May. The initial testing will take place during March. I’m hoping that we will be shortlisted so check back here later for an update on how we got on !

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