Think you might be allergic to something? Feel run down but can’t decide why? Started a new fitness regime and keen to progress?

Sometimes it’s just hard to keep track of life’s interconnectedness, particularly when it comes to health and wellbeing. I recently discovered and it’s fast becoming a bit of an addiction. It’s a free online tool that allows you to keep a life/health/fitness/diet/wellbeing (delete as you like) journal and will track the results for you in graphs to make comparisons more straightforward and meaningful.

You might discover some surprising things. After reading that dehydration could contribute to anxiety or lower your mood, I’ve discovered that the days when I drink less water do actually seem to correlate with bluer days or days when I record higher stress levels. I’m also monitoring the amount of sleep I get versus the exercise I do and am keen to see whether the time I exercise impacts on the quality and quantity of my sleep.

Chartmyself isn’t a personal trainer or health guru. It won’t make you drink more water, get more sleep or take more exercise. But it can arm you with useful information about your habits and the impact they might be having on your daily life. It might just give you the motivation and the knowledge to make changes for the better.

And if, like me, you were worried that it would be yet one more thing to forget in a busy schedule, I also discovered that chartmyself sends daily reminders containing a handy link to the part of the site where you need to record that day’s results.

Happy charting!

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