Starting up

So. Blogging. Day one. I’ve thought about this for some time now so it feels slightly strange to be here. I had lots of thoughts about what my opening post should be about. It feels like there’s more pressure on the ‘first post’. I rejected many topics because they didn’t seem quite significant enough; too big, too small, too hot, too cold.

Then I remembered something.

My first post is quite unlikely to be read by anyone other than my friends. And maybe not even them (they have busy lives after all).

So I stopped worrying about subjects and looked around a bit. Why today? Why did I suddenly do this today?

The answer was quite literally everywhere. Streaming in through every one of my windows and glinting off reflective surfaces. It was there when I took a walk to the supermarket (far too beautiful to get in my car) and when I found myself thinking for the first time about strawberries, Pimms and summer barbecues on the walk home.

The sun.

It’s that simple.

Today, the gushing exuberance of light everywhere just made me feel like I could do anything and it would all turn out just fine. A lot has been written about the dangers of the sun. More has been written recently about the dangers of vitamin D deficiency and overuse of high-SPF products. I’m sure I’ll join the great sun debate at some point.

But today. Today was all about the light and the reminder that the sun is one of the greatest enhancers of health, beauty and wellbeing. Gram for gram, it has a more powerful positive effect on my psychological state than almost anything else. And it’s completely natural.

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2 thoughts on “Starting up

  1. Hey!

    Welcome to the blogging world! Awesome first post. I love the sun too… unfortunately, where I live it only peaks out for four – six months a year. Otherwise it is a whole lot of snow and cold!

    Good luck blogging!

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